About Us

Everyday Arts provides a foundation for individuals to start a path.

Everyday Arts is a not-for-profit organisation that inspires young people to discover their brilliance through a unique learning programme of theatre, dance, film, and alternative education. Derren Brown, hypnotist, famous for redefining the genre of magic for the intelligent is Patron of the charity.

Students-in-the-Green-Room1-414x295Everyday Arts works with all children and welcomes them into their Drama, Dance and Film classes, but very much pride themselves in The Green Room, which is set- up for School Refusers and children with statements of Special Educational Needs (SENs). These include children who refuse to go to school as they are suffering from the effects of bullying, abusive behaviour, depression and anxiety. The Green Room aims to ‘start a path’. Not only providing students with an inspirational learning environment in which to thrive, but a wide range of therapeutic, creative, sporting and social opportunities.

School Refusers are NOT children who have been excluded from mainstream education because of their behaviour, an important distinction.

Today there are few options for these children, and often the alternative education available can fail them. Generally, children whose needs cannot be catered for in mainstream schools are initially placed in Pupil Referral Units (PRUs); however, this is sometimes not the best option.

The Green Room at Everyday Arts is an alternative to the PRUs and every child is counselled to understand their individual problems and a programme is put in place to start to re-build their confidence and belief in themselves.

Apart from building on the core skills of literacy and numeracy, the children take part in a therapeutic process which covers Mindfulness, Drama therapy, Massage, Breathing and Art therapy to address the deep rooted issues, not just the surface level question of can they read or write.

Not every child can pass their GCSEs, which does not mean that society should give up on them. We build their confidence and ensure that they can play their part in the world and realise their full potential.

Derren Brown says, “I have watched Joe’s passion and dedication to this wonderful cause grow over the years, and I’ve seen him work true magic in getting these young people to where they should be. I am very proud to be involved in the Green Room. I wish him and everyone at Everyday Arts success during this latest phase of growth.”


Everyday Arts includes:

Everyday Theatre

  • Acting classes at The Windsor Boys’ School Drama studio.
  • Specialist workshops for GCSE & A LEVEL.
  • Curriculum drama at Long Close School in Slough.
  • Live performance

Everyday Dance

  • Dance classes at The Windsor Boys’ School Dance studio.
  • Curriculum dance at Long Close School in Slough.

Everyday Education

  • The Green Room for School refusers
  • Workshops
  • Interactive lectures
  • Everyday Partnership Program for Schools
  • Private tuition

Everyday Film

Our first film, Parked, won ‘Best film’ at the Basingstoke International Short Film Festival. We are currently working on new projects and are looking forward to launching Everyday Film classes in 2013.