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After nine months of workshopping, improvising, and creating, all the hard work has paid off, and Strive  was a massive success!

As the audience waited in anticipation at the back of The Windsor Boys’ School hall, they were told by Joe Sparks, Director “Anyone who has come here  to see a regular school play, may be disappointed”

It was a brave and innovative move,  but  a unique and unusual show was created in the form of promenade theatre. Instead of sitting and just watching, the audience was split into groups and taken around the school, giving them a fly on the wall look at scenes from everyday school life, everything from the drama club, the recording studio, bullying in the corridors and arguments on the student council. It took the audience back to their own school days and reminded them of everything they loved and hated about school.

Here’s some of the feedback from the audience and members of the cast

“The play, was absolutely amazing, and I loved every minute, not expecting to be moved to tears, but a play that reminded me of those ‘Tough School days’. As a parent we all need to be reminded of that.”Parent

“I would really like to thank you all for what you have done for my daughter. She has truly blossomed over the last few weeks, growing hugely in confidence, and slowing finding that inner self, that does have the right to say ‘I am who I am’. At times it has been tough to fit this all into a busy and hectic schedule, but I am so glad we did.” Parent

“Strive was absolutely amazing, massive well done guys (@EverydayArtsUK)”  Hayley Hockley

“Thank you for making this show a great experience for us to remember and look back on, we really hope you enjoyed working with us, as much as we did with you. You kept us strong and we didn’t quit because of your positive attitude, you supported all our ideas and helped us develop our own characters as well as the ones in our play.” Cast Member

We filmed each scene and will be turning it into a short film, which will be posted on here shortly, meanwhile, here is a reminder of the good times

STRIVE Rehearsal Footage from EVERYDAY ARTS on Vimeo.

@EverydayArtsUK is a #youthcharity that inspires kids to discover their brilliance through a unique learning programme of theatre, dance, film and #alternativeeducation.  @DerrenBrown is our patron.   We pride ourselves in our #GreenRoomProject, which is set up for #SchoolRefusers and children with #statements of special educational needs #SENs.


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